Northern Diamondback Terrapin

The Diamondback Terrapin is named for the spectacular concentric rings in a  diamond-shaped pattern on the top of its shell (carapace). The coloration of the carapace varies from ash grays, light browns, greens, and blacks. The bottom of the shell is a greenish-yellow hue.

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Black Racer (snake)

(Coluber constrictor) Adults range in length from 36-60", up to 73”. Adults are large, black snakes with smooth scales; chin, throat and jaw are white or gray with the belly generally being dark (gray, bluish or black) from the throat back. Because of the smooth scaling the appearance is silky or satin-like.

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Eastern Box Turtle

Relatively small, ranging from 4-1/2” to 6-1/2” in length, adults have a high-domed, oval shaped carapace. Sometimes the Blanding’s turtle is confused with the box turtle, but it does not have the ability to completely withdraw into its shell. Read More